Table 1.

sICOSL is a prognostic index for extended OS and PFS of patients with melanoma.

EndpointFactorCell typeHR95% CI for HRP
ICOSL MFImDC0.66(0.30–1.47)0.312
ICOSL MFIAdV/DC1.72(1.18–2.45)0.00452
EndpointFactorCell typeHR95% CI for HRP
ICOSL MFImDC1.33(0.68–2.60)0.409
ICOSL MFIAdV/DC1.32(0.96–1.81)0.088
  • Note: Univariate Cox regression analysis for sICOSL protein levels (n = 15) or surface ICOSL MFI values (n = 30) from baseline mDC culture supernatants or mDCs and AdV/DC, respectively. The HRs, significance values, and 95% confidence intervals (CI) for OS and PFS are listed.