Table 1.

Patient information and treatment history

IDSubtypeSexAgeTreatment durationPrior treatment
1MRCLM684 weeksSurgery, radiation, chemo, LV305
2SSF602 weeks(Refused chemotherapy)
3SSM504 weeksChemo, LV305
4SSM674 weeksSurgery, chemo, radiation
5MRCLM494 weeksSurgery, chemo, radiation, LV305
6SSF383 weeksRadiation, surgery, LV305, atezolizumab
7SSM544 weeksSurgery, radiation, chemo
8SSF244 weeksRadiation, surgery, chemo
  • NOTE: LV305 is an NY-ESO-1 vaccine that patients received as part of a clinical trial. Some patients received monoclonal antibody treatments as part of their chemotherapy, including olaratumab (anti-PDGFRα), or on a clinical trial of MorAb-004 (anti-endosialin).