Table 3.

Logistic regression analyses to assess the association of F. nucleatum status in colorectal cancer tissue with lymphocytic reaction status, in strata of MSI status

OR (95% CI)OR (95% CI)a
Model for TILsb (as an outcome variable; n = 1,039)
 Non–MSI-highF. nucleatum-negative1 (referent)1 (referent)
F. nucleatum-positive1.83 (1.08–3.09)1.91 (1.12–3.25)
 MSI-highF. nucleatum-negative1 (referent)1 (referent)
F. nucleatum-positive0.47 (0.23–0.94)0.45 (0.22–0.92)
Model for intratumoral periglandular reactionb (as an outcome variable; n = 1,040)
 Non–MSI-highF. nucleatum-negative1 (referent)1 (referent)
F. nucleatum-positive1.98 (1.02–3.85)1.97 (1.00–3.86)
 MSI-highF. nucleatum-negative1 (referent)1 (referent)
F. nucleatum-positive0.48 (0.24–0.96)0.43 (0.21–0.87)
Model for peritumoral lymphocytic reactionb (as an outcome variable; n = 1,036)
 Non–MSI-highF. nucleatum-negative1 (referent)1 (referent)
F. nucleatum-positive1.53 (0.81–2.89)1.44 (0.76–2.76)
 MSI-highF. nucleatum-negative1 (referent)1 (referent)
F. nucleatum-positive0.66 (0.34–1.26)0.54 (0.27–1.05)
Model for Crohn-like lymphoid reactionb (as an outcome variable; n = 874)
 Non–MSI-highF. nucleatum-negative1 (referent)1 (referent)
F. nucleatum-positive2.48 (1.42–4.31)2.86 (1.62–5.06)
 MSI-highF. nucleatum-negative1 (referent)1 (referent)
F. nucleatum-positive0.89 (0.45–1.76)0.99 (0.49–1.98)
  • aThe multivariable logistic regression model initially included sex, age at diagnosis, year of diagnosis, family history of colorectal cancer, tumor location, CpG island methylator phenotype-specific promoter status, long interspersed nucleotide element-1 methylation level, and KRAS, BRAF, and PIK3CA mutations. A backward elimination with a threshold P of 0.05 was used to select variables for the final models. The variables that remained in the final models for TILs and intratumoral periglandular reaction were shown in Supplementary Table S1.

  • bTo avoid violation of the proportional odds assumption, the most common score or less (i.e., 0 for TILs and Crohn-like lymphoid reaction; and 0–1 for intratumoral periglandular reaction and peritumoral lymphocytic reaction) was categorized as low, and higher score was categorized as high.

  • cPinteraction (two-sided) was calculated using the Wald test for the cross-product of F. nucleatum status (positive vs. negative) and MSI status (high vs. non-high) in the logistic regression model.