Table 2.

Pearson correlation matrix

VariablesDetailsAgeStageLocationDepthUlcerationTILsCD68+ stromaCD8/CD68 stromaCD8+ stroma
Age≥55 vs. <5510.3330.026−0.006−0.071−0.008−0.038−0.066−0.051
StageIII vs. II0.3331−0.127−0.139−0.215−0.115−0.089−0.238−0.031
LocationExtremity vs. trunk0.026−0.1271−0.006−0.0510.171−0.039−0.0020.083
Depth≥2 mm vs. <2 mm−0.006−0.139−0.00610.2690.054−0.079−0.060−0.224
UlcerationPositive vs. negative−0.071−0.215−0.0510.26910.0050.0260.0440.145
TILsAbsent, non−brisk, brisk−0.008−0.1150.1710.0540.0051−0.0720.2650.504
CD68+ stromaHigh vs. low−0.038−0.089−0.039−0.0790.026−0.07210.5840.162
CD8/CD68 stromaLow vs. high−0.066−0.238−0.002−0.0600.0440.2650.58410.564
CD8+ stromaLow vs. high−0.051−0.0310.083−0.2240.1450.5040.1620.5641
  • NOTE: Correlation of CTL/macrophage ratio with TILs (P = 0.044), CD8+ stroma (P < 0.0001), and CD68+ stroma (P < 0.0001). Correlation with depth, ulceration, age, and stage also shown. n = 58; 6 patients were removed due to unknown status for ulceration or TILs.

  • Values in bold are significant at P ≤ 0.05.