Table 5.

Overall survival, univariable (Kaplan–Meier), and multivariable (Cox proportional hazard regression) analysis

CovariateHR (95% CI)PHR (95% CI)P
LPT (yes vs. no)0.46 (0.26–0.76)0.00280.56 (0.31–1.01)0.05
BRAF (mutated vs. wild-type)0.88 (0.51–1.52)0.650.61 (0.34–1.10)0.1
Stage (IIIC + IVM1a vs. IVM1b+c)0.45 (0.25–0.83)0.010.57 (0.23–1.41)0.23
Tumor burden (high vs. low)2.18 (1.30–3.66)0.0032.79 (1.43–5.43)0.003
CNS metastases (yes vs. no)2.98 (1.62–5.49)0.00051.90 (1.07–3.38)0.03
  • NOTE: For Cox proportional hazard regression, five covariates were defined: administration of LPT, BRAF mutation status, stage of the disease, tumor burden, and the occurrence of CNS metastases. For the factor tumor stage, AJCC stages IIIC and IVM1a (which comprise skin and lymph node metastases) were opposed to stages IVM1b and IVM1c (which include distant organ metastases). Tumor burden was approximated by the number of metastatic sites (organs; low ≤ 2 sites; high > 2 sites).