Table 1

Lung cancer antigens defined by serological analysis of testis cDNA expression libraries.

NY-TLU- Antigen Gene (UniGene Cluster) Serum NY-TLU- Antigen Gene (UniGene Cluster) Serum
1 HOXB6 (Hs.98428) LU413 42 PHIP (Hs.9927) LU413
2 a DR1 (Hs.348418) LU413 43 a MPHOSPH1 (Hs.240) LU413
3 a BRAP (Hs.122764) LU413 44 NARF (Hs.256526) LU413
4 ATF7IP (Hs.272210) LU413 45 KNSL7 (Hs.315051) LU413
5 a KIAA1641 (Hs.458330) LU413 46 a S164 (Hs.197184) LU413
6 CDH18 (Hs.57691) LU413 47 ATP5F1 (Hs.816341) LU413
7 I-4 (Hs.127689) LU413 48 PELO (Hs.415308) LU413
8 MTO1 (Hs.33979) LU413 49 UMPK (Hs.458360) LU413
9 a BCAA (Hs.17428) LU413 50 IK (Hs.421245) LU413
10 TPM3 (Hs.178468) LU413 51 CFL1 (Hs.170622) LU413
11 a HSPCB (Hs.74335) LU413 52 MAP7 (Hs.254605) LU413
12 HOMER-2B (Hs.93564) LU413 53 NICE-4 (Hs.8127) LU413
13 a PABPC4 (Hs.169900) LU413 54 a ROCK2 (Hs.58617) LU413
14 HTATSF1 (Hs.204475) LU413 55 ODF1 (Hs.159274) LU413
15 LOC134218 (Hs.131887) LU413 56 a STX4A (Hs.83734) LU413
16 RDBP (Hs.423935) LU413 57 SLCO6A1 (Hs.388874) LU413
17 RANBP2 (Hs.179825) LU413 58 RNF38 (Hs.333503) LU413
18 a WDR11 (Hs.16677) LU413 59 C1orf33 (Hs.274201) LU413
19 FLJ20542 (Hs.6449) LU413 60 NKGK (Hs.7036) LU413
20 a C2orf3 (Hs.184175) LU413 61 a PMSCL1 (Hs.91728) LU413
21 DKFZP564 (Hs.42954) LU413 62 FLJ10980 (Hs.308019) LU413
22 a TBC1D4 (Hs.173802) LU413 63 a ADPRT (Hs.177766) Mix I
23 DKFZP566 (Hs.202306) LU413 64 NUP50 (Hs.362841) Mix I
24 a HSPCA (Hs.446579) LU413 65 a RBPJK (Hs.347340) Mix I,II,III
25 a MGC;27017 (Hs.313413) LU413 66 a KIAA0373 (Hs.150444) Mix I
26 KIF9 (Hs.373617) LU413 67 METTL3 (Hs.168799) Mix I
27 COPS6 (Hs.15591) LU413 68 a HSF2 (Hs.158195) Mix I
28 HOZFP (Hs.351839) LU413 69 RTN4 (Hs.436349) Mix II
29 FLJ10890 (Hs.17283) LU413 70 a RHAMM (Hs.72550) Mix II
30 RPL31 (Hs.375921) LU413 71 CCNL1 (Hs.4859) Mix II,III
31 FLJ10980 (Hs.308019) LU413 72 a USP16 (Hs.99819) Mix II
32 FLJ20635 (Hs.265018) LU413 73 EST (Hs.449083) Mix II
33 C20orf4 (Hs.11314) LU413 74 a RNASE3L (Hs.438951) Mix II
34 a MKRN1 (Hs.7838) LU413 75 NCOA6IP (Hs.179909) Mix II
35 a U2AFIRS2 (Hs.171909) LU413 76 THOC2 (Hs.81376) Mix II
36 TDRKH (Hs.144439) LU413 77 a HCF-2 (Hs.55601) Mix II,III
37 AKAP3 (Hs.98397) LU413 78 FLJ10747 (Hs.189782) Mix II
38 Noble (-) LU413 79 C20orf19 (Hs.436632) Mix III
39 KIAA1317 (Hs.272254) LU413 80 a FLJ20274 (Hs.268371) Mix III
40 a IGHG3 (Hs.300697) LU413 81 AKP10 (Hs.372446) Mix III
41 a FLJ20274 (Hs.268371) LU413 82 a ORMDL2 (Hs.13144) Mix III

a The antigens were previously identified by SEREX analysis of other tumor types, as determined by sequence comparison with the SEREX entries in the Cancer Immunome Database (12).