Table 6

Description of SEREX screenings.

Screen No. Tissue Serum (dilution) No. of pfu Screened No. of Clones
1 JKa tumor JKa (1:100) 5 x 105 3
2 normal testis JKa (1:100) 1 x 106 9
4 SCC-25b RLc (1:100) 1 x 106 19
5 RMd tumor pool: RM(1:100), DGe (1:150) and BT(1:200) 9 x 105 19

aJK: Right neck dissection, LN with metastatic moderately differentiated keratinizing SCC. bSCC-25: Cell line established from SCC of the tongue. cRL: Neck dissection, metastatic moderately differentiated SCC from primary tongue lesion; large tumor burden. dRM: Left cheek tumor, ulcerating moderately differentiated keratinizing SCC. eDG: HNSCC Stage 4; large tumor burden. fBT: Neck dissection, metastatic adenocarcinoma.