Table 2

CT gene families encoding immunogenic gene products (CT antigens).

Antigen Immune Response
MAGEA/CT1 cellular and humoral
BAGE/CT2 cellular
MAGEB/CT3 humoral
GAGE/CT4 cellular
SSX/CT5 cellular and humoral
NY-ESO-1/CT6 cellular and humoral
MAGEC/CT7 humoral
SYCP1/CT8 humoral
SPANXB1/CT11.2 humoral
NA88/CT18 cellular
CTAGE/CT21 humoral
SPA17/CT22 humoral
OY-TES-1/CT23 humoral
CAGE/CT26 humoral
HOM-TES-85/CT28 humoral
HCA661/CT30 humoral
NY-SAR-35/CT37 humoral
FATE/CT43 humoral
TPTE/CT44 humoral