Table 2

Characterization of putative cell surface antigens.

NY-TLU- Antigen (Gene) Subcellular Location mRNA Expression Patternof Normal Tissues and Cancer Types in CGAP a
6 (CDH18) Type I membrane protein Normal: brain (E5, S7), cerebrum (E6), cerebellum (S4), placenta (S1), testis (E1) Cancer: bone (E1), brain (E, S13), cerebellum (S48), mammary gland (E2, S2), muscle (E2), ovary (E2, S2)
37 (AKP3) Sperm tail Normal: bone marrow (S1), brain (S3), lung (S1), lymph node (S33), mammary gland (S3), prostate (S1), retina (E2, S2), testis (E19) Cancer: brain (S15), cartilage (S4), cerebellum (S1), colon (S2), lymph node (E1), mammary gland (S1), ovary (E1), bone (S1), colon (S1), stomach (S1)
39 (KIAA1317) Putative membrane Normal: brain (E1, S3) Cancer: brain (S8), cerebellum (S2), liver (S1), mammary gland (S3)
57 (SLCO6A1) Transport protein Normal: brain (E2), cerebrum (E1), lymph node (S4), testis (E6)
70 (HMMR) Cell surface and cytoplasmic Normal: bone marrow (S1), brain (S3), cartilage (E1), cerebrum (E2), colon (S1), kidney (S1), liver (E2), lung (E1), lymph node (E5, S3), lymphoreticular (E2), muscle (E1, S1), ovary (S5), placenta (E3, S3), prostate (S3), skin (S1), stomach (S1), testis (E10) Cancer: ubiquitous
75 (NCOA6IP) Sperm head Normal: ubiquitous Cancer: ubiquitous

a The number in brackets refers to the number of EST (E) or SAGE (S) tags.