Table 4

SEREX-defined breast cancer antigens: Antigens detected with sera from a single breast cancer patient1.

NY-BR-Antigen Identity/Similarities/Motifs (Unigene cluster) NY-BR-Antigen Identity/Similarities/Motifs (Unigene cluster)
Known Gene Products
10 Desmoplakin I (Hs.74316) 48 Sorting nexin 6 (Hs.76127)
11 RING 3 gene product (Hs.75243) 52 Transcriptional activator SRCAP (Hs.87908)
19 CGI-149 protein (Hs.241266) 54 SOM172 gene product (Hs.100623)
21 KIAA0708 (Hs.117177) 67 TIS11D gene product (Hs.78909)
26 Modulator recognition factor (Hs.920) 76 MAGE A3 (Hs. 36978)
33 GSPT1 (Hs.2707) 77 SMRT corepressor (Hs.120980)
37 HRIHFB2157 gene product (Hs.4552) 83 KIAA0081 protein, (Hs.78871)
44 BMAL1e protein (Hs.74515) 92 Ribosomal protein L10 (Hs. 29797)
Novel Gene Products
38 SCR repeat domain (not clustered) 73 Similar to coatomer proteins (Hs.217001)
46 None (not clustered) 85 Nuclear localization signals (Hs.105153)
49 Ankyrin repeat domain (Hs.55565) 84 Transmembrane domain (Hs.206196)
51 None (Hs.128685) 99 RNA splicing factors similarity (Hs.183438)

1Antigens reacted with sera from single breast cancer patients (1/25), but not with sera from normal individuals (0/25), colon cancer patients (0/19), lung cancer patients (0/15), ovarian cancer patients (0/15) or esophageal cancer patients (0/15), and no equivalent isolates of these antigens were found in the SEREX database.