Table 1.

Patient demographics and diagnostic workup

Age (y)SexTumor typeCurrent therapyPrior therapiesDIFIIFSalt-split skin analysisTime of rash onset (from start of therapy)BP ELISA titers (from time taken since start of therapy)
80MaleMelanomaNivolumabIpilimumab+++24 weeksAt 33.9 weeks:
BP180: 13.8*
BP230: 10.0*
At 47.0 weeks
BP180: 25.6*
BP230: 12.2*
78FemaleMelanomaDurvalumabIpilimumab+++17.9 weeksAt 44.1 weeks:
BP180: 72*
BP230: 21.7*
85MaleNon–small cell lung cancerNivolumabCarboplatin ++NANA6.1 weeksAt 55.1 weeks:
paclitaxelBP180: 1.1*
BP230: 0.9*
  • Abbreviations: DIF, direct immunoflurorescence; IIF, immunofixation; NA, not applicable (not completed).

  • *BP ELISA taken during steroid therapy.