Table 1.

IDO1 expression assessed by IHC in normal tissues (10 samples each)

Organ, tissueIDO-expressing cells
PlacentaEndothelial cells
Digestive tract
 Salivary glandsNone
 DuodenumInterstitial cells in lamina propria
 Small bowelInterstitial cells in lamina propria (DCs)
 ColonInterstitial cells in lamina propria
 PancreasRare endothelial cells, rare acinar cells
 Liver<1% Intrasinusoidal cells (Kupffer cells)
Respiratory tract
 LungEndothelial cells
Urogenital system
 ProstateRare endothelial cells
 CervixRare glandular cells
 UterusGlandular cells (30%), rare endothelial cells
 Fallopian tubeEpithelial cells (10%)
Hematopoietic and lymphoid systems
 Bone marrowRare stromal cells (<1%)
 Lymph nodeInterstitial cells in paracortical areas (DCs)
 SpleenInterstitial cells in periarteriolar T-cell zone in white pulp and scattered cells in Billroth cord
 ThymusInterstitial cells in the medulla, rare epithelial cells (<1%)
 TonsilsInterstitial cells in paracortical areas
 Peyer's patchInterstitial cells in paracortical areas