Table 2.

Frequency and pattern of expression of IDO1 in common human solid malignancies assessed by IHC on TMAs

IDO1 protein expression
Tumor typeNumber of tumor samples testedPositive in tumor cellsPositive in blood vesselsPositive in lymphocyte-rich stromaPositive (total)Positive (%)
Cervix carcinomas171321517100
Endometrial carcinomas483915354594
Bladder urothelial carcinomas1660141594
Kidney carcinomas53036144381
Non–small cell lung carcinomas511326344180
Stomach carcinomas3861303079
Colorectal carcinomas5987454678
Ovarian carcinomas53265183566
Head and neck carcinomas2430131458
Esophageal carcinomas2670111350
Prostate carcinomas4781151940
Breast carcinomas4520171738
Pancreatic carcinomas274071037