Table 1.

Cumulative risk of recurrence and overall survival of patients with HCC according to clinicopathologic characteristics and compound KIR-HLA genotypes

Total patients (N = 170)HCV-related patients (n = 97)
Cumulative risk of recurrenceOSCumulative risk of recurrenceOS
PHR (95% CI)PHR (95% CI)PHR (95% CI)PHR (95% CI)
Age (≤65 vs. >65 years)0.745NA0.362NA0.626NA0.592NA
Sex (male vs. female)0.0781.54 (0.99–2.53)0.966NA0.554NA0.216NA
Etiology (HBV vs. HCV vs. others)0.448NA0.117NANANANANA
Tumor number (≥2 vs. 1)0.0101.57 (1.06–2.31)0.0391.64 (1.11– 2.39)0.0881.56 (0.92–2.51)0.604NA
Maximum diameter (≤50 mm vs. >50 mm)0.222NA0.511NA0.749NA0.313NA
Histologic differentiation (G1+G2 vs. G3)0.253NA0.498NA0.866NA0.909NA
Vascular invasion0.733NA0.851NA0.612NA0.454NA
Satellite lesion0.657NA0.743NA0.451NA0.486NA
Surgical margin (<5 mm vs. ≥5 mm)0.126NA0.162NA0.0391.88 (0.98–3.36)0.0031.88 (0.97 – 3.37)
Number of KIR-HLA genotypes (≥3 vs. ≤2)0.0160.61 (0.38–0.94)0.224NA0.130NA0.735NA

NOTE: Cumulative risk of recurrence and OS were compared by log-rank statistics for univariate analysis. Cox proportional hazards model was conducted for multivariate survival analysis. Only variables presenting P < 0.1 in the univariate analysis were included in the multivariate model. P < 0.05 was considered statistically significant.

Abbreviation: NA, not assessed.