Table 2.

Summary of treatment-related adverse events

Adverse eventAll gradesGrade 3 or 4
Patients, n%Patients, n%
Local vaccine site reactions
 Local rash at/near vaccine site73515
 Blister formation52500
 Ecchymosis (bruising)31500
 Local edema21000
 Vaccine site flare21000
 Groin tightness1500
Systemic toxicities
 Pruritus (distant from vaccine site)63015
 Flu-like symptoms/myalgia420
 Abdominal pain31515
 Rash (distant from vaccine site)31515
 Erythema (distant from vaccine site)15
 Arm pain15
 Cancer site pain15
 Leg tenderness15

NOTE: Data are given as any incident per patient, for a maximum of 20 counts per event.