Table 1.

Patient characteristics

CharacteristicsNumber of patients%
Total number of patients22 enrolled
20 vaccinated
20 evaluable
Age, y
ER-positive or PR-positive tumor1365
HER2-positive tumor20100
Metastatic disease at diagnosis735
DFI to relapse (months)a
Sites of distant metastasis
 Lymph node (distant)315
Sum of the longest tumor diameter at study entry
 Mean40.7 mm
 Median24.5 mm
Prior lines of chemotherapy for metastatic disease
Prior trastuzumab therapy
Prior lapatinib therapy210
Concurrent endocrine therapy1155
Concurrent bisphosphonate therapy1470

Abbreviations: DFI, disease-free interval; ER, estrogen receptor; PR, progesterone receptor.

  • a13 patients who did not present with metastatic disease at diagnosis.