Table 2.

Grade ≥3 adverse events during radiotherapy and ipilimumab

Patient numberIpilimumab treatment dose (mg/kg)Cumulative ipilimumab dose (mg/kg)Cumulative ipilimumab dose (mg/kg) at start of radiotherapyPhase of ipilimumab radiotherapy givenRT dose (Gy)Number of radiotherapy fractionsEQD2(0.6)Radiotherapy siteGrade ≥3 AETime from ipilimumab start to AE (days)Time from radiotherapy start to AE (days)AE Attribution
1104010Induction241227T12 Vertebral metastasisGrade 3 cytokine release73ir and/or rr
1104010Induction241227T7 Vertebral metastasisGrade 3 cytokine release72ir and/or rr
3363Induction251030Left base of skull tumorGrade 3 diarrhea3632ir
6104010Induction301042Right humeral metastasisGrade 3 transaminase elevation104100ir
710200Induction62.52575Left axillary lymphadenopathyGrade 3 transaminase elevation and rash6394ir
93126Induction301042Conus medullaris metastasisGrade 3 maculopapular rashb9864ir
133126Induction28.53111Sacral metastasisGrade 3 thrombocytopenia5022rr
15396Induction303122Right suboccipital lymphadenopathyGrade 3 transaminase elevation35(Before radiotherapy)ir
211016030Induction20535Base of skull metastasisaGrade 4 uveitis1,1861,126ir and/or rr
221011080Maintenance28.53111T7 Vertebral metastasisGrade 3 radiculitis927477rr
2410170160Maintenance301042Upper abdominal lymphadenopathyGrade 3 pruritus1,328293ir
29105030Maintenance30576Right hilar lymphadenopathyGrade 3 transaminase elevation41(Before radiotherapy)ir

Abbreviations: EQD2, equivalent dose in 2 Gy fractions with α/β of 0.6; ir, immune related; rr, radiation related.

  • aSecond course of radiotherapy to this site.

  • bRash occurred outside radiotherapy field, after vemurafenib.