Table 1.

Patient and disease characteristics

Radiotherapy during induction ipilimumab (n = 18 patients)Radiotherapy during maintenance ipilimumab* (n = 11 patients)
Age at start of ipilimumab, y
 Median (range)60 (21–77)57 (39–74)
Melanoma origin
Interval from diagnosis to M/R recurrence, mo
 Median (range)11 (0–74)55 (6–218)
Courses of therapies for M/R melanoma before ipilimumab
  Median (range)1 (0–4)1 (0–6)
 Non-brain radiotherapy
  Median (range)0 (0–1)1 (0–2)
At start of ipilimumab
 ECOG performance status
 Brain metastasis
 Visceral metastasis
 Lactate dehydrogenase (IU/L)
 AJCC M stage
  M0 (unresectable)20

Abbreviations: AJCC, American Joint Committee on Cancer; ECOG, Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group; M/R, metastatic/unresectable.

  • aIncludes one patient that received radiotherapy during induction and maintenance ipilimumab.