Cancer Immunology

Masters of Immunology

Cancer Immunology at the Crossroads

Adoptive Immunotherapy with Antigen-Specific T Cells Expressing a Native TCR
Wingchi Leung and Helen E. Heslop

Antibody–Cytokine Fusions: Versatile Products for the Modulation of Anticancer Immunity
Dario Neri

Revolutionizing Cancer Immunology: The Power of Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies
Meromit Singer and Ana C. Anderson

The Balancing Act between Cancer Immunity and Autoimmunity in Response to Immunotherapy
Arabella Young, Zoe Quandt and Jeffrey A. Bluestone

Predictive Biomarkers for Checkpoint Immunotherapy: Current Status and Challenges for Clinical Application
Nancy Tray, Jeffrey S. Weber and Sylvia Adams

T Cell–Inflamed versus Non-T Cell–Inflamed Tumors: A Conceptual Framework for Cancer Immunotherapy Drug Development and Combination Therapy Selection
Jonathan A. Trujillo, Randy F. Sweis, Riyue Bao and Jason J. Luke

Treg Fragility: A Prerequisite for Effective Antitumor Immunity?
Abigail E. Overacre-Delgoffe and Dario A.A. Vignali

Hallmarks of T-cell Exit from Quiescence
Nicole M. Chapman and Hongbo Chi

Re(de)fining Innate Lymphocyte Lineages in the Face of Cancer
Chun Chou and Ming O. Li

Designing Late-Stage Randomized Clinical Trials with Cancer Immunotherapy: Can We Make It Simpler?
Tai-Tsang Chen

High-Dimensional Profiling of Tumor-Specific Immune Responses: Asking T Cells about What They "See" in Cancer
Evan W. Newell and Etienne Becht

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Cancer Immunology at the Crossroads